Thursday, September 18, 2008



question deeply
what is real?

only what you believe

as such
a "fake" guru is "real"
yet, their only teaching may be:
not to follow sheep,
not to be a sheep!

"god" is within you
seeking elsewhere is simply a longer trip
to the same destination...

"... I once was lost, but now I'm found..."

ANYTHING is possible

ANYTHING is possible

meditation is the most effective medication
because it solves the cause of the problem - the mind
all one needs to do to heal
is to clear the impurities of the mind (samskaras / impressions)
pure consciousness knows ANYTHING is possible
how we learned (were taught) otherwise is the myster

judgement only buries our ability to perceive beaut

judgement only buries our ability to perceive beauty

have no expectations
and you will be amazed
how sacred each moment and each thing can be
our judgement only buries our ability to perceive the beauty in all things

who "I" am

(written on august 14th, in the desert, on a fast and a day of silence)

My consciousness can only expand
to the degree that I let go of my conceptualizations of "who I am",
or even "what I am".

I am in all places at once.
I am here
I am there
I am everywhere

All that I see
I am
All that I feel,
I am

As I learn to truly love myself
I am more forgiving of "others"
I am more accepting of what is
and I begin to integrate consciously,
all challenges into opportunities for growth, self realization,
and compassion

the world is my palette
with an infinite variety of colors!
my consciousness is the pure white canvass
to which I paint scenes upon
some beautiful
some sad
some dark...
yet as I awaken
I find that my will is the paint brush,
I can choose the colors of my liking

Indeed there is only one cosmic mirror
and all that manifests
all that I perceive is my own projection

and now that I can see within
I can observe objectively
without limitation
or bias
towards what I previously perceived as being possible

My only desire is liberation

my will is creation itself

my power is love
the only true power
it is that which unifies

all else is illusion
yet there is value in this dream
for if not for sleep
we could not wake...