Saturday, July 21, 2007

Fleeting Beauty

Fleeting Beauty
(June 11, 2007)

As the sky turns gold, like a glowing canvas,
the hand of God shapes the clouds in perfect order...
Divine art unfolds and fades away.
A reminder of the fleeting beauty, which is life.
Precious, sweet, and impermanent.

However long we mourn,
Neither one, nor a million tears can reverse time,
or return us to a past reality that exists now only in the ether...
No physical realm could behold such elegance for long.
For it is only by the very act of us looking, do we see.
And hence no one can truly share their perspective,
but only offer a window into us,
so that others may see themselves reflecting on the glass
and open a door within them
to allow the light to shine through,
to shine out and ignite the sky above them with brilliance...

Like the sun reaching out from behind the horizon,
gracing a few of us who look upon it with rays of love,
a flower blooms and offers itself to all
with complete vulnerability and clear intentions,
Trusting that it's mortality is only an illusion.
Accepting its place in the cosmos
as the perfect stage upon which to perform it's starring role...

And so the world turns as I walk upon it...
Learning to take one step at a time
so that I may be blessed in each moment
and accept the love around me as my inheritance
as my creation and as my gift
to carry and to leave behind
for all of those whom my heart sings for...

Let this be my legacy of love!

Jeremy Williams .ca