Sunday, December 7, 2008



I rise in the morning
and step out into the world

accepting of the elements
communing with creation

and as I purify myself
in the holy waters
that flow through the forest,
I watch in a deep state of presence
as the leaves fall from the trees
beautifully and gracefully...

They've served their purpose
and let go with out fear

and in this new day
my thoughts and feelings
wash away as the leaves
surrender to the flow
and are carried down stream

I have no need for the past
all fear, doubt and worry
is washed away...

I step out of the current
and my energy is awakened
I breathe as if it were my first breath
I see as though it were my first sight

all my senses are fresh
I am free

I am rooted in this world
and feel it's true essence

and therefor my own

(november 10th, 2004)

Saturday, December 6, 2008

The color in my eyes

The color in my eyes

My eyes are tired
They’ve seen so much…

So much beauty
So much pain
So much injustice…

My eyes are green
With envy
With love

Green like a blade of grass
Looking up at the world
And those who walk upon it

Green like a leaf on the very top of a tree
Falling down
Caught in the wind
Drenched in the rain

My eyes are red
From lack of sleep
Lack of a bed

But it is these blessings that bring me this perspective
When I look up at you all
I feel humble, meek
When I fall down I feel free, un-attached.

My eyes are white
Like my skin
Lacking color
White as a shameful ghost
A plague to this land

White like the paper that taught the illiterate the concept of oppression

My eyes are black
In the center
There is no light
Just a void
that sucks everything in
Soaking it into my consciousness
un-able to understand this world of insanities

the look on the faces
of those we ignore

the lust
the grief

the drool on the drunken faces
passed out cold in the street
pants wet

a street cleaner goes by...

the lights change color and cars drive by

where are the answers?

When will the time come,
To change the color in my eyes...

The wheels go round and round
Nothing changes
Just a new name
A new face

Same weapons

What I’ve seen

What I know

Who am eye ?

I can only tell you about the color in my eyes,

The teargas
The broken glass
The visions...

Of terror
Of death
Of destruction

Of life
Of Love
And light

Green in the forest
Golden light of the sunrise
Vast space

Surfing the crowd in front of the stage
Thousands of eyes

The blur of LSD

The blood dripping down the mirror, looking back at me

The cold stillness in the face of my dead friend

The molten lava spewing from the earth

The moonlight shining to me,
beneath the surface of the rapids

The phosphorescence sparkling around me as I dive
beneath the sea

The galaxy shining from below as I paddle on a
saltwater mirror

… in between the lines are the other senses

Reading these words cannot reach you in any other way

The color in my eyes cannot reveal to you any experience I’ve had
Only you can guess
What tales
What life
What adventure presents itself in each moment
As we fall into our traps

Into the depth of our eyes

The pupils
The pits

The treasure…

The color in my eyes

Is changing
As I open them to a new world

I cannot see tomorrow
Until it is today

Then it will be the past
And will fade away

What do you see?

The color in my eyes ?

(february 2005)

Beauty in all things

judgement only buries our ability to perceive beauty

have no expectations
and you will be amazed
how sacred each moment and each thing can be
our judgement only buries our ability to perceive the beauty in all things

Becoming Conscious

becoming conscious

the only thing "bad"
is our inability to see the good in all things ; )

becoming conscious of our inner peace
or lack thereof
is paramount

then we can consciously choose
how do I want to feel?
why am I letting ___ stop me?

is that just a scapegoat for me to blame people or situations "external to me"
so that I don't have to take responsibility for my life?

my life being how I feel NOW
all else is a phantom of mental conditioning
or a projection of how things should be

may all thoughts words and deeds stem from love
that is the force of creation

fear is only a reaction
and has no creative power
except to give you more of the same

what do you choose?

what matters most to me

The fading gold of dusk
reflecting on the restless sea
comes washing over the shore
blurring thought and memory

the city comes alive
an electric galaxy
it seems so familiar
yet so foreign to me

the hum of a million roars
the smoke of the street
the genocide of concrete
so invasive yet discrete

and I seem to recall
getting lost in it all

the noise
the joys
of an ocean
of possibilities...

yet blowing in the wind
is what matters most to me.

Jeremy Sean Williams

(written at Jericho beach, Vancouver, Sept.28, 2008)



As we awaken
we begin to co-create a new world
as partners with the divine light
shining in and through each
and everyone of us
we shed our fears
we stop fighting
and we see that our shadows
are only aspects of our selves
that need nothing more than love (complete acceptance)

A global awakening
from fear and control
and falsely perceived scarcities
into love, light and abundance
releasing our greatest potential
in us and in our societies

we see how fear was used
to pit us against each other
in a barbaric battle
to uphold pyramid structure of domination

we declare our freedom
and in love, we forgive
all the horrors perpetuated in unconscionable behavior

we are no longer plugged into the matrix (brainwashing media)
programed to be slaves
to stratified greed systems
that cannibalize all life on earth

we now see the sacredness in all things
we no longer systematically oppress races, classes or countries

we are all equal
and there IS enough
for all of us to prosper
within the balance
of a functioning biosphere

corporations, military, fossil fuels and power structures are now irrelevant,
stone-age relics

we reclaim our power
we renounce fear
we recognize that all war is class war (oppression)
and we abolish our own slavery

we step into the light
we celebrate our love
for each other
and all life
as our family

awaken now
the time is upon us
to express our true selves
to stand in our truth
to let our light shine

love is the answer

when we put down our weapons
and "love our enemies"
we realize there is

peace is the way

jeremy sean williams