Sunday, September 26, 2010

i see now

i see now

that life is a journey
not a destination

and as we grow
our challenges do as well

yet each challenge is an opportunity
and each mountain we climb gives us a new perspective

and as we abandon fear
we find ourselves


and we laugh
at what we once feared

Sunday, September 12, 2010

looking up to me

i remember when you were 3 years old
you wished the care bears were real
and they were your friends
that night we looked in awe
at the christmas lights
and drank hot cocoa
and i held your little hand

how i miss that little boy
how i miss those days
when you were my life
and i was your dad

now you are a young man
and i'm so proud of you
i will never forget
the love in your eyes
when you looked up to me

i'm sorry for hurting you
i wish i could make it up to you
just know that i did the best i could
and you have taught me well

thank you for showing me
how to love myself
you are the greatest gift
and i love you more
than life itself

i miss you when you go away
and i hope to see you soon
i want to be your best friend
i promise to do my best

i want you to feel the joy
and love i have for you
i want to be the best father
i want to be gentle and kind

forgive me when i fail
and lose my cool
forgive me for when i turn away
and i can't see you

i want you to know
that i'm always here for you
and i'd do anything for you
you are my little angel
looking up to me

i don't feel worthy
of all your blessings
but i want nothing more
than to be with you

Tuesday, August 31, 2010

scrap paper

scrap paper
i wanna set it alight

i wanna drive into the sunset, full speed
and sink into the cobalt blue

shoot like a star
an asteroid falling
from heaven
down to earth

dissolving into dust
for a fleeting moment of beauty
before returning to the void

a grain of salt in the sea
washed up on the shore
lost in the sands of time

drowning in your embrace
lament for my death
rotting corpse of grief

yet i love the darkness
the depth of the ocean

the space in which the cosmos shines
like luminous beings
dancing to the tune
of a galactic xylophone

yet i feel like a scrap piece of paper
with the weight of these words

Thursday, June 24, 2010

In the silence

In the silence

In the silence
thought waves echo ripples on the ocean of time
and in the darkness
the moon seeps through the clouds
like a faded memory

The faces of our ancestors keep watch
as we cross the horizon
of a new world

This realm of vast wilderness
and arid consciousness
aches for the flow of life
like the barren desert thirsts for rain after years of drought...

And when the sky cracks with thunder
the great spirit weeps
and is born again
in the fertile soils of the Earth

No soul shall perish,
yet we mourn the loss of our beloved
and rejoice in the beauty of creation

As the wheel of life turns
we see its path
only once it has moved on...
over the mountains
through the rivers
in the depths of our minds

and in the silence

Sunday, June 13, 2010


that's all i am
a veil of illusion
and falling back down to the Earth

what ever i was
is gone

i am learning to let it be
no need for nostalgia
or stories and labels

there is no character
no roles and rules
only this fleeting moment
with the dust of yesterday
i breath it in
i breath it out
and wether it was real or not
is in the eye of the beholder

i stroll down memory lane
but nothing stays the same
how my life has changed
chapters and pages turn
another town
another home
another mirror

yet what was i to them?
do i punish myself forever
for my sins
for my selfish need to implode
and dissolve
like dust
in the air
in my eyes
there are no tears
yet i feel the burn
of yesterdays dust
blurring my vision

it's all i have
i am running on fumes
running free
yet powerless
and afraid
of what is within

as i walk
i kick up the dust
and call out the ghosts
of all those i cannot seem to let go of
with each yearning thought
of lost love
of the affection i never received
of the boy i never was

just empty thoughts
like dust in my throat
a hint of what might have been
who i might be

if i were not alone
empty handed
in a cloud of dust...

Sunday, May 23, 2010


let freedom reign
let freedom rain
let it spring up from within

when will we realize we are free?
and set others free?

rather than blaming
and expecting others
and external situations to "solve" our "problems"
or sooth our worries and pains

be like a cat
and heal

and find the source within
it is nowhere else
yet, within all things
but your source is ONLY within YOU
so, seek not, but be found

and shine through
in divine grace
and heal us all
with a smile on your face
and be the change
be the peace
the love
the joy
that you wish to see in the world
be it
a human - being


In your hands

In your hands

another day at the stock exchange
all the rich folks steal your change
another tree falls another bomb explodes
somebody's profiting, don't ya know?
there's blood on your hands!'s in your hands

are you a hamster running on the wheel
so high on lies, you can not feel
money grows on trees, or so they say
they cut them all down yesterday
take the blue pill, go back to sleep
you wouldn't wanna be a black sheep
did you take the bait and sign it all away?
your rights and freedoms all for a cage

are you safe now, behind your gun
put it down because we are all one
ya I'm your brother and so is he
don't let them tell ya we're your enemies

turn the page



i gave up
i walked away
i could not carry the weight any longer

i paddled out
into the storm
no life jacket

just paddled until i could paddle no more
then i lay in my canoe
like a corpse in a coffin
i wanted to die

but the waves rocked me like a baby in a crib
i laid there for hours
in the rain
waiting to see
what the universe wanted for me

would i be capsized and drown?
would the winds turn me around?

would the weight of my burdens carry me down
into the abyss...?

the sun set
the final rays shone
and pierced my eyes
leading me on

i paddled home
to apologize
for being selfish
and creating a storm

the weather turns bad
and lightening strikes

but who is it
that a spark ignites?

and what fire
can not the rains squelch

for nor reason, nor logic
can blame conquer

i can't heal the world
and i can not bleed any longer

the blood
and the pain
the signs of my wounded heart
must i tend
and nurture
and foresee
my mortality

and i
but a wave
in the universal sea

now flowing
and growing
back into

and grace

Thursday, April 8, 2010

i am thee

i am a tree,
rooted in the earth,
swaying in the wind

perhaps shedding some branches in the storm

but holding fast to the knowledge

that the sun will shine again

and the winds of change will rest

and i will grow
and savor the warmth of summer

let me blossom
and uphold my glory

for this is my purpose

to bear the fruit of my labor

to offer it freely

to those who thirst
and hunger

to awaken
into their own divinity

and to find the source within

and to see

i am thee

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

I was dancing...

I was dancing

the sound moved me
my eyes were closed
my chakras were open
I responded to feelings
and moved accordingly

stretching, reaching up, reaching out
into the depths of the galaxy
expanding my awareness to encompass the movement of the galactic body
interacting with the gravity of earth
and all the planets of heaven

harmonizing with the song of the universe
finding the center
in my heart
pulling it out
molding it in my hands
feeling its glow
feeling it grow
and giving it away...

the only thing i have
is my center of love
my creative awareness
now focused on my aura
my chakras
my energy

realizing that the stars above
are within me
and all that I see
when I open my eyes
is a mirror

so I come back to source
and realize
I have free will
and will is the glue that binds us
each and every atom and eve

joy is an intention
and love is an expression of the divine within us

when we surrender to the void
when we let go of time
we find space to be infinite
within our mind
which is only one
which is birthing new worlds...

can you hear your song?
is it happy?

what you focus on expands,
so live NOW
with intention
wake up

and dance!