Friday, December 5, 2014

Burnaby Mountain Uprising!

I was on Burnaby Mountain to join the protectors who were not just protecting Burnaby, but the entire Fraser River Watershed that the "Transmountain" Pipeline threatens. The Fraser River supports the worlds largest Salmon Fishery. How do you value feeding thousands of people for thousands of years? Is that not more valuable than foreign investors profits?

Thursday, April 10, 2014



My angel,
My little girl...
I mourn every moment I am away from you.

You are always with me...
Where ever I go
Swelling my heart
and filling my mind with joy

You are the light of my life!
You give me so many smiles...

Yet in return,
I can only give you my love and gratitude...
and help you to look up...
To feel the warmth of the sun on your face
and focus on feeling the wind in your hair...

Close your eyes and dive into the sparkling ocean,
Like the divine beam of light that you are.
Swimming in the sea of life,
Dancing through the spectrum of colours...

You are the Aurora in the glittering northern sky,
I am in awe of your stunning beauty!

This vision is the only gift I have to give you,
This experience is my only treasure,
indeed the only thing that I can grasp,
and I want share it all with you...

Walk with me,
breathe in the sweet air of spring...
Watch the pink snow fall from a cherry tree in full bloom...
See the sun peeking through it's branches.
It traveled all this way
~ just to be with you ~

and so did I.