Friday, September 11, 2009

amongst the mist and mountains

amongst the mist and mountains
within the ice and the air
lies a force that beckons us all...

what is this magic
that inhabits this land?
what is it's true value?

such bounty and boldness
a mold that casts such beauty...

how is this spirit not within us?
how can one posses and destroy
a spirit
which permeates the void?
this wild land
this wild sea

such abundance can only instill a sense of awe
creation abounds here
beauty beyond belief

and yet I sail
on the surface of a deep ocean
a wealth of wisdom

imparting knowledge
as the glaciers crumble into the sea
the crash of gravity
absorbing me

white thunder echoes
with an icy blue wave
rippling out to sea
singing out to the universe
the one song

can't you hear it?
howling at your door
whistling through your window
let it in
let it in

where are you in this picture?
have you opened your eyes
to this galactic mirror?
have you closed them
to find it within?

Or are you in limbo,
drifting like dust in the wind
hoping to land on fertile soil
hoping the heavens will rain down
and germinate the seeds of your mind

how can one cast away
all they cherish
without knowing
what will be?
what will be?

The Ceremony

Let our life be a ceremony!
A celebration,
A gift to our children
of love
of hope
a beautiful world
rich with true wealth
the kind that can only be shared
by showing we care
by giving it all away
and knowing that is the way
to liberation
to glorify creation
and to add beauty
is to enhance possibility
to bestow a world of peace
of love
and laughter

this is my dream
let it be
let me see
it is so
and so it is

Friday, September 4, 2009


i should have known

i saw light seeping through the clouds last night
i was awash in emotion
but those words last night...

i was very moody

i saw a new side of the world last night
faces and mirrors

clothed in ego

divided, yet one

i was all of them
and found myself humbled

reign of time

I paint this picture of you
water color
but the tears wash it away

evening light casts long shadows
in your eyes
and the depth pulls me in

my heart is in your hands
like a lead weight, beating

I know it's too much to bare...

I know that you aren't there
but it's a nice dream

a cheap holiday in my mind

Heat waves blur the scene
a rainbow of colors surround us
and the air is sweet
wild roses
dry grass
and a gentle breeze blowing in your hair as we watch the ocean whisper
and caress the earth

the sky is air brushed with pink cirrus
the land scape is water color, pastel
dripping off the canvas
like tears into the sea

I see through the eye of the beholder now

i am the painter
you, the perfect picture

but i can't seem to grasp
and I want to drown in you...

in the richness of light and color
but it fades

it dries up
and I'm left with a yearning for love
a need to be acknowledged
i exist
do you?

I see myself now

a lone boy
immersed in wonder

why is he alone?

like a ghost,
the world seems to ignore him, elude him, elate him

he is transparent
he has no parent

he has no life of his own
but his spirit guides him

and with a grain of sand
and all it's majesty
he walks on

into the mystic
and picks up a paint brush

asking for nothing more
than a canvas
and some oil

sometimes the colors are dark
and grey
sometimes he cannot say

sometimes he wants what is

to last for ever...

but his canvas is his mind
and it dissolves
and washes away...

in the reign of time...


Judge me
scold me
knock me down
from the pedestal of your design
if it makes you feel better...

I can only hope
that you will look deeper

for beyond the surface
a sea of me
and roses have thorns
and I have scars...