Wednesday, October 24, 2012

without time

...two thousand miles
away from you

leaves me spinning...
like my tires across dusty roads
floating in the limbo
between the love of the road
and the grief of what i leave behind

never enough time...
to stop
and just be
and to enjoy the place where i am
and to reflect
on the images in my rearview mirror
in my wake
melancholy for the beauty that i see
but can not seem to enjoy
while i race past it all
white knuckles
steering wheel
agenda overridden

and wanting to just stop,
and soak it up
like a deep breath
as the moon peeks through the clouds
in late summer

is it better to have seen it pass you by
or have never known it was there?

it seems sad that i sit here,
looking out the window
but don't have the time to absorb it
to enjoy it's peace
and hear the silence

like a loon calling in the dawn
drowning in the drone of the noise
motors running all night

when will i have time
to walk
to sit
to be free
to live
without time...