Sunday, February 10, 2008


it is you...

everything is as it is,
as it should be...
as I created it,

all that matters
is love
and how I act on love
every moment

creating peace
and without

without limitation

awakening to infinity
to the brink of eternity

blooming like a rose
like the rising sun
expanding like the universe

feel complete fulfillment
here and now

hear the symphony of peace
feel the wave, the frequency - the absolute

let go

spread your wings
fly on the wind of serenity
glow with the light of a star...

it is you

your mind is the only barrier to enlightenment

rise above it

realize your true nature
and connect to the source of all

that one love
it is you

Saturday, February 9, 2008


learning to go with the flow
simply a process of letting go of fear
as the light of awareness begins to shine,
one can see through the veils
the front, the facade
and as the image in the mirror sharpens
we see that it is only us
projecting from our subconscious illusions
let the light shine into your conceptual closet...
let it dissolve your shadows
and throw out those old clothes that don't fit you anymore