Sunday, September 26, 2010

i see now

i see now

that life is a journey
not a destination

and as we grow
our challenges do as well

yet each challenge is an opportunity
and each mountain we climb gives us a new perspective

and as we abandon fear
we find ourselves


and we laugh
at what we once feared

Sunday, September 12, 2010

looking up to me

i remember when you were 3 years old
you wished the care bears were real
and they were your friends
that night we looked in awe
at the christmas lights
and drank hot cocoa
and i held your little hand

how i miss that little boy
how i miss those days
when you were my life
and i was your dad

now you are a young man
and i'm so proud of you
i will never forget
the love in your eyes
when you looked up to me

i'm sorry for hurting you
i wish i could make it up to you
just know that i did the best i could
and you have taught me well

thank you for showing me
how to love myself
you are the greatest gift
and i love you more
than life itself

i miss you when you go away
and i hope to see you soon
i want to be your best friend
i promise to do my best

i want you to feel the joy
and love i have for you
i want to be the best father
i want to be gentle and kind

forgive me when i fail
and lose my cool
forgive me for when i turn away
and i can't see you

i want you to know
that i'm always here for you
and i'd do anything for you
you are my little angel
looking up to me

i don't feel worthy
of all your blessings
but i want nothing more
than to be with you