Saturday, October 17, 2009

let your soul shine

Consciousness and love are synonomous

to be conscious, is to be aware of the unity
from the experience of unity, comes love
complete acceptance of what is, beyond form
beyond judgement and projection of the ego
and it's perversions and prejudice

is the divine light
flowing from within all beings
to love oneself, is to love all

is to abide in the state of being
connected to all creation
in a state of harmony with the universe
singing the one song, the uni-verse

the cosmos is a mirror
reflecting your inner state
which is constant flux
the flow of energy
the dance of the stars
like cells in your body
your galactic body

all life blossoms
form is in flux,

evolving at an exponential rate
speeding up
revealing our true nature

is the light
shining into the heart of darkness
awakening those parts of the whole
that unconsciously harm
that do not know love yet
for to judge 'others' is to judge oneself
for there is no separation
no 'in here' and 'out there'
no 'you' and 'me'

pure being
pure awareness
is complete acceptance, love

the ego is 'self' centered
but it's concept of 'self' is illusion, form
attachment to form is suffering

liberation only comes through finding ones' essence
in the ether
in the space which holds us all
the light that binds us all

through this experience
we finally hear our heart beat
the one heart
the one love


let your soul shine
let your spirit sing
this is the force
of all creation
let it stem from love

be rooted in this divine light
and your life will branch out
into the heavens
and blossom with beauty

like bees collecting pollen from a plathora of flowers
drawn in by the vibrance of color
and the scent of celebration
be a messenger of peace
be a vessel for divine love
falling like rain
without prejudice
upon all beings