Wednesday, March 10, 2010

I was dancing...

I was dancing

the sound moved me
my eyes were closed
my chakras were open
I responded to feelings
and moved accordingly

stretching, reaching up, reaching out
into the depths of the galaxy
expanding my awareness to encompass the movement of the galactic body
interacting with the gravity of earth
and all the planets of heaven

harmonizing with the song of the universe
finding the center
in my heart
pulling it out
molding it in my hands
feeling its glow
feeling it grow
and giving it away...

the only thing i have
is my center of love
my creative awareness
now focused on my aura
my chakras
my energy

realizing that the stars above
are within me
and all that I see
when I open my eyes
is a mirror

so I come back to source
and realize
I have free will
and will is the glue that binds us
each and every atom and eve

joy is an intention
and love is an expression of the divine within us

when we surrender to the void
when we let go of time
we find space to be infinite
within our mind
which is only one
which is birthing new worlds...

can you hear your song?
is it happy?

what you focus on expands,
so live NOW
with intention
wake up

and dance!