Monday, November 10, 2008

"self" love

I forgive myself completely and accept my self
as perfect "in the eyes of God"
I love myself unconditionally

I release my need for approval of others
judgement is not love
anyone who judges cannot know love

my self love expands
reaching out into the heavens
forgiving all
accepting what is
and providing space for the new to grow
and change
and evolve

I have nothing but compassion for all

I forgive those who "trespass" against "me"
as I have "trespassed" against "them"
for there is no "me" or "them"
and the act of trespassing was done unconsciously and served it's purpose
- to trigger the awakening
into the unity
into the awareness
of what barriers I have within me
that only "separate" "me" from all that is

so I not only forgive you, I thank you
our "sins" are blessings
this is the light of truth
for to sin means: to miss the point
and if not for our "mistakes" we would not learn
we can only know light, after being in the darkness

wisdom comes through experience
all my suffering had indeed not been in vain
for I now see above, beyond an through it
and I now see that there is no matter...
only temporary forms of consciousness

I have peeled the onion
I have split the atom
I have reached into the depths of space
only to find my awareness as the essence of all "things"

today, as I pick up my paint brush
I choose to paint a beautiful world
with love
with peace
and joy
and I refuse to accept anything else as reality

I turn off the (bad) news
I don't read what the media wants me to think in the papers
for I know what I think is what manifests
I am the creator
I am the broadcaster
I am the observer

the paradigm has shifted
and the old world of fear
is the compost from which my flowers now blossom
with love and gratitude