Saturday, December 6, 2008



As we awaken
we begin to co-create a new world
as partners with the divine light
shining in and through each
and everyone of us
we shed our fears
we stop fighting
and we see that our shadows
are only aspects of our selves
that need nothing more than love (complete acceptance)

A global awakening
from fear and control
and falsely perceived scarcities
into love, light and abundance
releasing our greatest potential
in us and in our societies

we see how fear was used
to pit us against each other
in a barbaric battle
to uphold pyramid structure of domination

we declare our freedom
and in love, we forgive
all the horrors perpetuated in unconscionable behavior

we are no longer plugged into the matrix (brainwashing media)
programed to be slaves
to stratified greed systems
that cannibalize all life on earth

we now see the sacredness in all things
we no longer systematically oppress races, classes or countries

we are all equal
and there IS enough
for all of us to prosper
within the balance
of a functioning biosphere

corporations, military, fossil fuels and power structures are now irrelevant,
stone-age relics

we reclaim our power
we renounce fear
we recognize that all war is class war (oppression)
and we abolish our own slavery

we step into the light
we celebrate our love
for each other
and all life
as our family

awaken now
the time is upon us
to express our true selves
to stand in our truth
to let our light shine

love is the answer

when we put down our weapons
and "love our enemies"
we realize there is

peace is the way

jeremy sean williams