Sunday, December 7, 2008



I rise in the morning
and step out into the world

accepting of the elements
communing with creation

and as I purify myself
in the holy waters
that flow through the forest,
I watch in a deep state of presence
as the leaves fall from the trees
beautifully and gracefully...

They've served their purpose
and let go with out fear

and in this new day
my thoughts and feelings
wash away as the leaves
surrender to the flow
and are carried down stream

I have no need for the past
all fear, doubt and worry
is washed away...

I step out of the current
and my energy is awakened
I breathe as if it were my first breath
I see as though it were my first sight

all my senses are fresh
I am free

I am rooted in this world
and feel it's true essence

and therefor my own

(november 10th, 2004)