Saturday, August 8, 2009


Not an object, but your consciousness, the focus of your awareness.

Not only is this your most precious thing,
but your most important gift to others,
the only REAL gift.

Rather than the blind pursuit of things, money and experiences,
it is the awakening that is your true wealth!

No-thing will make you truly happy.

It is this realization that opens the door to a new dimension in living,
and liberates you from the compulsive, neurotic chaotic state
of constant lust for things,
such as thoughts, material objects, and situations...

This unquenchable thirst for entertainment and the "need" to acquire
more stuff is nothing less than an addiction,
and it has been ingrained in our society on a subconscious level
through constant bombardment of media with a message or an agenda
for generations...

Group Think.
We get labeled a black sheep if we don;t follow the high shepherd
to the grazing grounds, big box stores, and shopping malls.

We put on egos like clothes saying "this is who I am".
When we have never really asked the question of who we truly are...

When you reclaim the sovereignty of your mind, you realize that it is the only thing they cannot take away, nor can they value it, it cannot be sold.

It is "invaluable".
It is Sacred.
It is your essence.

Not the content of your mind, but consciousness itself.
It is omnipresent.
It is God,
Within you...