Tuesday, June 23, 2009

in the void, we find life, power, presence...

the calling of true liberation beckons us

but don't get attached to the form of it

ie: don't think "once i do this___" i will be free
because you can be free FROM stuff, while still having it

you do not need to abandon clothes and all your material possessions,
you just need to abandon your attachment to them,
your identification with them (ego)
this can be labeled as "surrender"

in meditation,
we let go of all concepts and preconceptions of who we are,
what "God" is,
and why we are here...

these are all empty details in a fictional story, based in "time" which is illusion

in the void, we find life, power, presence...
beyond the idea of separation is your true self, permeating the cosmos

is self realization,
god realization,