Sunday, February 19, 2012

Viva la (R)evoltion!

culture shock

tropical sun
tight pants
dust, dirt, and diesel
loud music
everyone is dancing

yet there is no elitism
only pride
and culture
like i have never seen

there is an ambience in the air
a song
a triumph
we are free
we are a strong people
with our feet on the ground
committed to peace and equality
this is justice
this is socialism

minding our own business
not "fighting terrorism" over seas
not "cutting social services"
or repressing natural process
or neglecting the earth on which we depend

not perfect
but embracing change
embracing the struggle to reform
to rebuild our relationship with each other and the earth
dancing and feasting
celebrating life

walking the path of history
yet knowing we can make our own
the foundation is laid
yet we can choose the paint to color the canvas

to pick up where others have left
to continue the process of evolution
driving an old car
with a new motor
with new passengers

i am the driver
i am the wheel
and i am turning
sweating with excitement
with anticipation for the journey
which can not unfold
except to those
who choose to step into the fray
into the streets
with the wind in your hair

may you find the songs
ringing in your ears
and the smell of freedom
that sweet dream
that is real
only if you step out of your own prison
out of the barriers in your mind

echoing in the halls of ideology
is an old thought
that manifests in the soil
in the air that you breath
like a shower of rain after a long drought
may you taste the blessings
of the fruit
which you plant
in the reality
of a new paradigm
yet completely radical

beyond baby steps
you find this shift
in the fabric of consciousness
in the substance of freedom
the true liberation is now
is the moment
you decide when
and where

i choose now
and here

viva la (r)evoltion