Sunday, April 8, 2012


400 wall street pirates
have horded more wealth
than the entire population of America combined
is this the American dream?
economic oppression

when hospitals won't help you
when schools rob you
when there are children starving in the streets
people without homes
is this progress?
is this just?

and while our beds burn
and capitalists suck the life blood out of the 3rd world
young men and women
patrol the world
"defending" the empire from it's supposed "enemies"

the empire has no clothes
yet every channel on TV
shovels the same shit
in epic proportions

we all run on the hamster wheel
driven by fear
terrorized by the wolves at the door
without knowing that we are the wheels of the machine
and when we stop - it does too

slavery was never abolished, just modified into a "friendlier" classism
yet why should anyone have so much, when so many have none?

how could one person ever need a billion dollars?
why should the public assets
line the pockets of the ruling elite?