Sunday, January 18, 2009

I was floating

this morning I made blueberry pancakes for Ayden and I
and the sun came up and started melting the frost that made everything look magical
like faeries had sprinkled the world with glitter all night long...

we biked down the street to the beach and borrowed my neighbors canoe
the water was perfectly calm, without even a hint of wind
we paddled off into the fog and adored the white ball in the sky peeking through the mist
birds seemed to float on clouds
we could not see where the sky and ocean met...

we could see the sandy beach below us
and the shadow of our canoe traced the footsteps we had laid yesterday afternoon at low tide.

the granite bluffs were a blur behind the fog
yet revealed there texture and lines and character as we approached them,
rounded by rivers of ice
eroded by the hungry sea
coated in life from lichen to tree

we paddled across a line
and the water became blurry
we had entered the estuary
and we fought the current beneath us
up, slowly, up to the rapids
up, until we could not defy gravity any longer
we surrendered to the flow
and were carried past many cute birds
none of which I know

but there were many
and when I closed my eyes
I was floating
flying with them
and the warmth of the suns rays lifted my spirit
and carried me away
to where you are
on the shore of some distant sea
simply a reflection of me
or perhaps a dream
either is destiny