Tuesday, March 17, 2009


Dwelling on things is being stuck in time
returning to NOW is returning to reality
resisting what is makes it a 'bad' thing
we simply need to expand our awareness
and realize that everything happens for a reason
but until we 'know' / experience that reason,
we will continue to take the same class over and over again
until we graduate (realize)

as long as there is 'stuff' inside you
it does need to surface
and be released
not dumped on others
as there is no 'other'

"solution" to some means "fixing", changing,
but sometimes we just need to allow it, surrender
all things are subject to the law of impermanence
it is our resistance to them that creates their persistence
hence we are a society of addicts, seeking "escape" in our
use and abuse of substances, people, distraction...

as we learn to observe objectively
we realize
we are not the judge
we are not on some thrown, looking down on things
we are not who we think we are at all
we are formless, infinite, invincible consciousness
and hence, there is nothing to fear

you are awareness
you have the choice
as to what to focus on
and when you realize that
what you focus on expands
and that you indeed are creating "reality"
with your thoughts and conceptualizations,
you more consciously direct this power

recognize that the fear, anger, and pain within you
can only be healed through love

when a baby cries, do you judge it?
"you should not cry! "
no, we hold that child, that light of the world
and love it
and this transforms the pain

we must each heal our wounds this way
become aware of the pain within you
and hold it
and love it
and let it be

then, as fear dissolves
and unity shines through
we realize

we are the ones we've been waiting for

your consciousness is the "I AM THAT, I AM"

fore heaven is not a destination
it is your essence