Monday, June 8, 2009


we are in a paradigm shift
and we have to be the change we want to see
yes, we "need" money (within the current dysfunctional system)
but we need even more to question our fundamental core values
and create a world that worships those, not money

we develop our sovereignty and unity
once we love our selves unconditionally
then we can extend our love to others further and deeper

i've also realized there is no plateau
that there is cycles, spirals
a bit up and bit down
expanding retracting
like breathing

awareness is everything
and as we awaken to our divinity
we realize we are all one
and then we cease to judge, expect,
or even perceive others as separate

"self realization" or enlightenment
is awakening beyond the concept of self

and as a parent loves a crying baby,
we must embrace the world
and heal it with our love

only then will war cease
and humanity blossom into it's greatness