Saturday, June 13, 2009

fade into the horizon

fade into the horizon

Swimming in a sea of nostalgia
torn between currents
floating on a fleeting wave
yearning for home
yet the tide ebbs and takes me back out
into the unknown
an uncharted voyage

wind in my hair
breathing deep, as the ocean, navy blue

like the endless sky
a void, yet teaming with motion
pulling me in, pulling me out...
fading into nothing

like a grand waterfall
my flow seems to dissolve
and blend into space
absorbed by the roots of ancient trees
and mountain goats
living on the edge of adventure
risk it all!

just keep moving
trust the flow
let go


know the divinity now
as the beholder
the driver in this rusty machine

familiar faces everywhere i turn
save for the mirror

memory lane is a lonely place
but it passes me by
and settles like the dust

and the ghosts fade into the horizon